About Issue 5

Vote FOR Issue 5, Renew support for the essential services of Murray Ridge, without increasing taxes

Murray Ridge Center’s 1.69 mills levy will expire on December 31, 2018. Issue 5, a 5-year renewal levy, is needed to maintain existing funding for Lorain County children and adults with developmental disabilities. ISSUE 5 WILL NOT INCREASE TAXES.

This levy currently brings in more than 30% of the agency’s funding and, if this funding ends, more than one-third of the services of Murray Ridge Center/Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities will be impacted because levy dollars are used to pull in federal funding.

Murray Ridge Center provides and/or funds services for more than 2,000 local children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Lifelong support is usually necessary for people with developmental disabilities, and Murray Ridge Center has a 50-year history of providing this support.

Passage of issue 5 means continuation of essential services:

Early Intervention is provided by Murray Ridge Center to children from birth to three years of age. Through this program, skilled professionals help families stimulate the development of infants and toddlers with delays. Murray Ridge provided Early Intervention to more than 550 children last year.

At Murray Ridge School, last year, educational services were provided to 164 students who were referred by school districts throughout Lorain County. Many of these students have significant developmental and physical disabilities, medical needs and/or behavioral challenges.

Adult Day and Vocational Service Programs provide important opportunities for local citizens with developmental disabilities to work, learn and socialize on a daily basis, and allow time for many family caregivers to support their households. In 2017, Murray Ridge Center provided and/or funded such services for nearly 1,000 eligible adults. Murray Ridge operates Adult Opportunity/Vocational Centers (Monday through Friday) in Lorain, Oberlin, and Elyria. Additionally, through the Murray Ridge Supported Employment Program, hundreds of Lorain County residents were assisted last year to earn incomes and participate successfully in the local workforce.

Through its Family Support Program, Murray Ridge helped more than 650 families in 2017 to support a child or adult with developmental disabilities who lived in the family home.

With funding from Murray Ridge Center, in 2017, an array of Residential Services enabled more than 600 Lorain County residents with developmental disabilities to live successfully in community settings.

Murray Ridge Center’s Service and Support Administration (SSA) Department provides service planning and monitoring, information and referral, and linkage of people with developmental disabilities to needed resources. In 2017, more than 1,850 individuals received SSA from Murray Ridge Center.

Issue 5 will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $49.63 a year, which is less than 14 cents a day. It won’t cost an extra penny, but will make a critical difference to local residents with developmental disabilities.